Month: September 2013

SugarCRM How to make custom field as a global search

add the file: custom/Extension/modules/Accounts/Ext/Vardefs/search.php which consisted of   <?php $dictionary['Account']['fields']['shop_id_c']['rname'] = 'shop_id_c'; $dictionary['Account']['fields']['shop_id_c']['vname'] = 'LBL_SHOP_ID_C'; $dictionary['Account']['fields']['shop_id_c']['type'] = 'relate'; $dictionary['Account']['fields']['shop_id_c']['dbType'] = 'int'; $dictionary['Account']['fields']['shop_id_c']['table'] = 'accounts_cstm'; $dictionary['Account']['fields']['shop_id_c']['unified_search'] = true; ?>   then Rebuild Extensions  

September 29, 2013 0

SugarCRM Quote PDF customization

1) Customize Fonts in default PDF of SugarCRM copy and Edit  custom/modules/Quotes/sugarpdf/sugarpdf.quotes.php add html tag for font. like '<b>'.value.'</b>' for bold '<u>'.value.'</u>' for underline '<i>'.value.'</i>' For Example you want to change for quote number :  Code:  1.(For Label) : $quote[0]['TITLE'] = '<u><b><i>'.$mod_strings['LBL_PDF_QUOTE_NUMBER'].'</i></b></u>';                  2.(For Value)     :  …
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September 29, 2013 0